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Feng Shui Study: Online

Online Consulting

Advice on Feng Shui-Feng Shui studies online - Through the remote site.

Build, remodel or just decorate your home or business following the rules and principles of feng shui can bring many benefits and avoid many problems.

Harnessing the positive energies of a site for the location of the important areas of a home such as bedrooms, living room, kitchen, room, door, etc.., Is the aim of a project with Feng Shui.

The best study of feng shui is that which is made from the original design of the site. However a major remodel or a change in the interior design of a site can also be achieved highly satisfactory results.

Among the most important benefits that you can get include:

  • Harmonize relationships.
  • Increase academic performance.
  • Improving health and rest.
  • Increase income or sales.
  • Improve employee performance.

Counseling and / or implementation of New and / or Remodeling:

  • Site selection according to Feng Shui principles.
  • Architecture project conducted according to the rules and principles of Classical Feng Shui.
  • Interior Design made based on the findings of the study of feng shui.
  • Counseling or Feng Shui Studies

Consists of an evaluation of the internal and external environment of a building in order to improve the flow of energy.

The Study of Feng Shui includes:

  • An analysis of the key sectors of the building with directions of how to establish the energy balance necessary to promote energy flow.
  • Recommendations inhabitants harmonize with the energies of the spaces they occupy in the building.
  • Identification of the affluent and recommendations to take advantage and increase your potential.
  • Detailed map with suggestions of colors, decorative styles to use in each environment and optimal distribution of furniture to enhance the energy flow.

Contracting Supplemental Study:

  • Identifying Personal Energy as the Date of Birth.
  • Determination of the Energy Pro for Person in order to adapt the Feng Shui of the house to them.
  • Recommendations to improve personal performance, balancing the flow of energy, his profession and lifestyle.
  • The appropriate use of dates Time Periods.
  • The use of the 5 elements in your lifestyle.
  • Calendar with auspicious dates for implementation of the recommendations suggested in the study.
  • Applying a "Cure" Feng Shui is a very important activity that should involve the Chi of Heaven or favorable time with human action.

Information Needed for the Study:

  • Digital photos of the interiors of the building: Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom and space after door. The photos are very important to conduct a distance, and they must evaluate each environment detail to establish corrections.
  • Digital photos panoramic external environment viewed from the door of the building.
  • Digital photos of the real mountains visible from the building (if any).
  • Street Address to locate satellite image or know the tool used GOOGLE EARTH, send file with the location.
  • Scale drawings of the building in JPG image format, indicating the date of construction furniture, moving date and date if any major renovations.
  • If department, send floor plan of the building indicating the Main Gate, entrance to parking, elevators and / or stairs. It can be a freehand drawing.
  • Date, place and time of birth of the inhabitants.
  • Contractor or profession mainstay of the family.

"The universe wants to give you everything. The moment you change your vibration to abundance,
the universe begin sending people, situations and opportunities that reflect their inner state "

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